Firesun Port Product

Wood Pellet

Best Southern Hub Port & Green Energy Solution
Wood Pellet produce higher heat intensity with less ash and cost-effective.

‘Wood pellet’ are bio-fuel made of wood, mostly from sawdust and wood industry waste. High quality wood pellet has higher density and lower moisture compare to other fuel, which promote the intensity of fire. The equal size and uniformity shape of wood pellet are perfect for automatic fuel filling machines because the fuel quantity can be calculate conveniently and precisely. Moreover, the wood pellet burning equipment are low emission and leave lesser ashes.


Wood PelletFiresun Port Product

Produce higher heat intensity with less ash and cost-effective. Read More>>


Wood ChipFiresun Port Product

Made from rubber and eucalyptus wood, produce higher heat intensity. Read More>>


Palm Kernel ShellFiresun Port Product

We import high quality palm kernel shell from Indonesia. Read More>>


Glycerin/GlycerolFiresun Port Product

Crude Glycerine is glycerine purity, ranging from 30% to 85%. Read More>>